Capstone Project

In this section, I hope to share the growth of my understanding of educational research through the activities I will complete in the journey of completing my masters with my Capstone Project.

M27U4A1-Capstone Project-Susan Granberg

Capstone Project

Beyond the Textbook: Cultural Insights in a Swedish Language Teaching Setting in Finland.

Part of the Masters Program with the University I attended was to research and write a Capstone Project.

The topic is about how culture and language learning go hand in hand. Though there have been many studies on cultural influences in language learning this project looks into the Integration Classroom of Swedish Learners in Finland.

Capstone Video Presentation

Watch this video for a short presentation of my capstone project. Learn about what I researched and the methods I used. See how give a brief overview of my summary of the analysis of my results.

Capstone Project Video Presentation.mp4