In this section, I will share the growth of my understanding of educational research through the activities I will complete in the journey of completing my masters.


M25U2A2- Language Resources in the Community

Resources in the Community

For part of my growth as an instructor in the Masters Program I created a resource page for language assistance and integration for the Vasa and Korsholm area. Because my primary focus was the integration into the Swedish language this resource is primarily for those who wish to integrate into the Swedish speaking community of Vasa and Korsholm.

Scaffolding a Curriculum

As an instructor it is vital that one knows how to scaffold the course content. This is an example I created based on a class I taught at a previous school. The scaffold is based on a semester long art class for grade six. In this document I demonstrate the use of building on prior knowledge to prepare for the following unit. It is important for a teacher to demonstrate their understanding of the learner population, set specific learning goals, demonstrate sequence and timing of the activities, developing relevant assessments for students, as well as incorporating the needed tools and resources to facilitate the students learning.

M26U2A2- Susan Granberg
M25U2A1 - Mini Assessment

Creating Assessments

Part of growing as an instructor is to learn, create, modify, and implement assessment tools. Assessment in both formative and summative are important tools to help a student learn and grow. It can help both the instructor as well as the student the areas that need improvement while highlighting areas where the student is meeting the objectives. This document is an example of a lesson in which I created to assess the English language skills of students entering first grade.

Teaching Vocabulary

As a language teacher or a subject teacher, vocabulary is a crucial component of the lesson. In this lesson example I demonstrate how I have incorporated teaching vocabulary in an Art class. The subject is Color from the Elements of Art for First Grade.

TEACH-NOW Lesson Plan Vocabulary Lesson Color M27U2A1.1