Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each student in the classroom is unique and brings a new perspective in the educational setting. Each student comes from a different point of view, and they have the right to learn in a way that best suits them while learning new and exciting ways to learn. In my classroom, I will help the students find their best learning style in a safe environment while assisting them in communicating effectively to me and each other.

Every classroom is like a unique garden, and my role is like that of a gardener. Helping the students flourish in the garden. And just like a gardener, I encourage students to grow to their full potential. In this way, I will present a curriculum that facilitates a verity of learning styles as well as helps the student understand and apply the learning goals of the lesson. In my class, I will have units, projects, themes, and activities that incorporate relevant content in the student's lives while giving them a chance to learn more about the world around them.